Windows Error 0x00000057: cannot connect to the printer

Yesterday I had problems with the HP Universal Printing Driver PCL6 x64. After Installing some Windows Updates on a Notebook when I tried to print on a HP printer, it printed PCL XL error only. Searching in the Internet did not help so I decided to delete the driver and re-install it completely.

But re-installing was not so easy as I thought first. I tried to uninstall the printer driver in the Print Management by right clicking on the HP Universal Printing Driver PCL6 and then Remove Driver Package… But Windows always told me, that the driver is already in use and it can’t be removed.

Next I tried to restart the Computer but it also didn’t help. So I decided to delete the driver files manually. If you open the properties from the driver you can see all the files related to the driver. Open the driver path and delete every file manually. First you have to take over the rights from the files. When you have finished deleting the files the next step is to delete the driver from the registry. Open a regedit with administrator privileges and search the whole registry for HP Universal Printing Driver. Delete everything what you find.

But be careful! Deleting the wrong file from the registry can damage your Windows System. Make a backup from the registry before you begin!

Now, if you have finished deleting all files and registry entries, restart your Computer. Now the HP Universal Printing Driver PCL6 should be gone from your listing in the Print Management.

Reinstall the driver, it should be working fine now.

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